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Arduino Grove


Take your first steps in Arduino, programming with Scratch type graphics!

Attend 10 Arduino Grove classes for a total of 10 hours!

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The program is aimed at those who want to learn to use Arduino by programming with Scratch type graphics.
The choice of Grove material was made so that one can easily and in a short time implement the circuits of the activities.
Grove materials are a complete system of sensors and actuators with the least possible wiring complexity.
The MBlock 3 software platform, which is based on scratch 2, allows us to create fully autonomous constructions with Arduino.

In order to implement the program, it is necessary to have an Arduino UNO and the Grove Starter Kit For Arduino.

Program info

  • Age: 12-15 years old
  • Number of activities: 10
  • Duration of activity: 60
  • Number of students: 8 students

The program will be available in 3 different time zones per day, so that you can shoose the one that best suites you:

Zone Α: 10:00-11:00
Zone Β: 15:00-16:00
Zone C: 18:00-19:00

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